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I know the words "sweet" might now be what some think of reading this post, but yet my first thought was this is very sweet.

I have seen it happen so often that therapists in radically different life positions than their clients, kind of expect their clients to finish their degree, be eating a magnificent diet, exercising, pampering themselves with wonderful self care and living this really wonderful life.

That's not really where a lot of people are headed and yet the idea that it can't be beautiful, wonderful, or complete as it is, is often an obstacle to those seeking to find or be good therapists.

Finding new ways to improve your life and well being, relationships with others, and financial security are all WONDERFUL. Life "in the meantime" however may actually need to start being seen as an ok place to be.

And maybe the view that everything we are doing now "in the meantime" until we achieve that "perfection" is more of a hindrance to enjoying our lives than it actually does help up us find ways to enjoy, heal and be content with our lives, as they are.


I couldnt agree more. Thank you for the feedback.



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