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AAAAHH! A-ffect! Please, please, please, not e-ffect!

Also, sometimes a child's 'bad behavior' is really very normal and natural if it could be viewed honestly in its entire context. My mother labeled me a 'brat' because I used to kick and scream and hit her. The part she left out of the telling is that I did those things to her when I was trying to get her off of me. She used to chase me and get me down on the floor and sit on me so she could put curlers in my hair against my will. She made no bones about telling me that she had to do it because she had always wanted a beautiful daughter with curly hair who looked like Shirley Temple. In my mind, she had offended me, rejected me, and then set about assaulting my person. All I was doing was responding to the situation.

We never really know why any particular child might have some so-called 'disorder' (or be a 'brat'), and people will never know why in a world that is so skewed toward what adults want and doesn't respect the dignity of the child.

Oops! You are right Bill. Thanks for the grammar lesson.

Hi Ethereal,

I'm sorry to hear you had that experience. I couldn't agree more that the dignity of a child should be respected.

I'm involved in a custody case right now where the child has made an outcry of abuse. One of the psychologists involved told the mother to her face, "the child has not rights. Only the parents have rights." As a result, the father who the child says abused him has visitation rights, unsupervised.

I'm floored.

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