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I'm really not surprised at how people perceive what is "too thin" or "too fat" anymore.

After my older brother died when I was 16 and my step-dad pretty much legally kidnapped me (my cousin who was raising me with my brother was gay which ment my step-dad had more right to me as his property than my cousin by state law) I went from being 5'6" and 127lbs to just 98lbs in the time of four months, and no one found this odd. I was only tossed in to an Eating disorder ward (against my will) because my aunt convinced my dad I needed help since I was genderqueer and had a history of self-injury. Even the nurses at the hospital thought I wasn't "that bad", even though by defunct BMI standards I was to skinny.

Angeline Jolie gets paid to look emaciated so that people can get their kicks off of the power dynamic that our society uses to starve female bodied people and make their bodies unnatural, thus usable by the non-women. It's sad that she's suffering so much, but it's not sadly not surprising that everyone thinks she's fine and only "just a little skinny".

I've followed her story for a while, I believe with good reason that Angelina Jolie is a heroin addict. There have been too many rumors about her for over 10 years to think otherwise. This is not idle gossip. There was talk that she took methadone during her pregnancy with the twins. All children were born out of the country where she had her own doctors and specialists, and was able to do more as she pleased than in the U.S.

So not sure that anorexia is her main problem. Unfortunately people cannot get through to people like her, if they try they are dismissed as with many wealthy people and celebrities. Too bad. I believe she is very smart and talented, but a very disturbed individual. I say that without judgment.

I like this blog.

i saw a pic from her when she was 16 and it's amazing how she looks like¡¡ so i think she is anorexic she's been always anorexic ¡ so ... whithout count how many cirgury she's has... and i don't jelous from her i just have a friend who is anorexic and she admires angelina so i try to open the eyes to everybody ¡¡ not everythting is what it's seems ...

Hi Jessica,

Thank you for the feedback. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I hope you are able to open people's eyes because you are right, things are not always what they seem.

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