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Wow. I'm on it.

Very good overview of basic dreamwork techniques, especially as related to dealing with dreams that feel difficult or threatening.

I would like to suggest one addition to the "Rewrite the Script" section. I've learned that the things that seem the scariest, the most threatening, and the most negative in my dreams sometimes actually carry or contain useful information that I very much need. So there may be times when it is useful, before chasing that monster away, to ask it, "Who are you? Why are you here?" It may have a story to tell you that you never expected to hear, and a gift for you that you never expected to receive and didn't even know you needed.

Hi Rick,

Excellent point and I never thought of it. You're absolutely right. Our dreams are often our brain's way of "talking" to us. This is a brilliant idea for "listening" to those messages.

Thank you for the feedback and the suggestion.



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