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Yes. So why do you think that housing is necessary or good, aside from the fact that we are in a place where we naturally shouldn't be?

Hello, I'm a fan of your blog and just saw this old post today.
I agree with all you said but would like to add my clarification to the last few paragraphs where it seems social workers are blamed for perpetuating the undesirable behaviours.
Working in the homelessness sector for a non-profit agency I can say yes 100% I and my coworkers have had to make those suggestions to folks to get the eviction, find somwehere else, etc.
But the issue I have with the way you describe it is that it sounds like social workers are solely to blame.
I, and my teams have always longed for the ability to help folks in the true sense of "Prevention"...example: you work in construction, you know winter is coming and may have trouble for rent two months from now, where do you go to for help? You or I budget, save, ask friends or family, job-hunt, etc. If this family comes to access our program, we are told they are not a fit because our funder demands we serve high acuity families or programs say there's nothing to offer since they are technically currently up to date on bills. Social workers are caught in trying to help families and trying to function under boundaries set by their funder(s). Please don't paint them all as the reason for above (much much much above) spearhead and set the tone for everyone to abide by.
Thank you.

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