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My problem with intellectualism is that it usually ends up that the (always self-professed) "intellectualist" person in question isn't actually very concerned with being smart - creative, curious and observant of the things going on around them, but uses it to get a pass on refusing to question authority.

Over all the studies and books I've read, I've found that very few researchers understand jack shit in the way of basic logic. Of course, most of logic is observation - knowing the context of the situation. It's logical to assume that a deer will be mesmerized by the lights of an oncoming car, UNTIL you realize that it's an instinctive reaction for a human, too, to freeze when you can't see where you're going. That's one reason that the lights on cop cars are so unnecessarily bright; focused light makes everything around it more difficult, or impossible, to see - and deer are nocturnal. Their eyes are made for low-light settings.

I have never met someone who professed that they were an "intellectual" or an "intellectualist" who gave two shits about context.

And honestly? I've never met a person who is "anti-intellectualist". From what I know, they exist mostly in fringe subcultures. They're hyped, like the man-hating feminists, but I think they're mostly a scarecrow.

I don't know any anti-intellectualist, so I have no opinion. But I hate intellectualists.

I was recently sent this link by the girlfriend of my potentially suicidal brother-in-law. She used numerous posts by you to "diagnose" the family as scapegoating him. When you call someone and tell them you love them and want them to attend the birth of your son, is it scapegoating if they choose not to show up?

Hi Sigh,

You say a lot in just a few sentences! Potentially suicidal brother-in-law? The girlfriend is diagnosing? I'm not clear who is having the son and who is not showing up. But I am wondering why the girlfriend needs to diagnose others - on behalf of her boyfriend. Is he unable to fight his own battles?

It's usually best if everyone work on themselves and leave others to do the same.

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