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I'm one of those crazies on the "meds make things worse!" end of the spectrum. Anyone who believes meds might make things worse would do well to remember that "might" is a very big might. It reaches a point where you're just plain guessing because there is so much contradictory information about long term affects and what helps and what doesn't.

ANY individuals decision to go with or without meds, when they have researched and found professional guidance with their decision, knowing the pros and cons of each should be deeply respected.

If you worry that psych meds might cause bad side affects or complicate someones problems, how on earth would telling them to suddenly get off such a substance with no professional support help them? If someone is using a crutch, they are likely using it because they need it and nothing else is working.

Do you really think people are bad if they need to use crutches? Yeesh, what then is thought about wheelchairs? Some people need support that can't be provided outside of meds. I am ALL FOR coming up with non-medical solutions, but currently there aren't very many other promising options for conditions like schizophrenia.

While I am totally for developing nutritional supports, physical therapies targeting areas of the brain that need support, and all sorts of other stuff, this stuff is expensive, doesn't work as well as meds, and is not possible for a person in a mental health crisis to implement on their own.

Excellent post! There are a lot of alcoholics and other substance abusers in my family. Many of them are dealing with trauma and/or mental illness in addition to the addiction. Addressing the addiction without addressing the trauma and/or mental illness is a recipe for relapse.

While I think support groups can be helpful, this points out a major issue with a sponsor/sponsee relationship. Someone is given an authority of sorts with no correlating responsibility or accountability. I've been to a number of AlAnon meetings (the group for families). Personally I found people used platitudes like "put a little gratitude in your attitude" or "when you point a finger, there are 3 pointing back at you."

As the child of 2 alcoholics, one of whom also likely has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I was never free to express my anger or sadness over my family situation. While anger and sadness can cause one to get "stuck", expressing them in a healthy and constructive way is part of what I've needed to heal. The platitudes were such a turnoff, I didn't stay long enough to get a sponsor.

Hi Rox,

Thank you so much for the feedback. If you're "one of the crazies" perhaps we should all be so crazy! Your opinions sound very balanced and well thought out to me.

Hi When,

What a wonderful blog. If other readers have not checked it out yet I certainly recommend it.

I couldn't agree more with your experience with the platitudes. I find these very annoying. And I think you make a wonderful point about other people shutting you down. We (Americans at least) tend to shut people down when they express "negative" emotions or anything unpleasant. (I don't think emotions can be "negative" or "positive". They are simply how we feel.) I see this shutting occur most with anger and sadness, as you state. I also see a lot of it when someone is sick, especially if they are terminally ill. No one will let them talk about it!

I'm pleased to see that you honored your own instincts and feelings and left something you didn't feel was right for you. I hope your blog is giving you an outlet for expression you didn't find at Al Anon.

12-step programs can work well but people need to understand before entering that it's like the wild west a bit, the blind leading the blind.

People need to remember they have the right to make their own decisions, that there seems to be a plentiful supply of people in the meeting who feel qualified to give you unsolicited advice, before they've heard much of your story.

The people in AA bashing psych meds are the people who took them and got HURT !

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