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Another one! I am equally concerned about this phenomenon. It's so diffucult to find studies that are done with about bias whether pro/against pharmeceutical use for mental well being. In my mind, I think if we are looking for a cure with meds, let's look for a CURE. Current research plain and simply doesn't desire to look for that. It's assumed as a given that x drug will be continually given. That right there is a problem. If a certain area of the brain is struggling, then doesn't it make sense that we might use similar techniques that are used with brain injured patients to in fact... help the brain ?HEAL?

The current climate seeks to define all mental variation from the norm as illness and all as permentantly in need of medication--- any link we can see with profit margin there (doh!).

PLEASE take 30 seconds to sign this petition and forward it on! Maybe we can make a change!! :)

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