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Kellen, I'm glad to see you're posting again. I was concerned about you. But I'm so sorry that you're in the midst of what is obviously such a difficult experience. My best wishes are with you.

Thank you Rick. That means a lot.

Cancer sucks. It does indeed. I'm sorry.

i've missed your thought-provoking posts as well ... wishing you grace, peace, serenity, and strength in this painful time.

i've thought of you also..wondering where you've been and missing your posts. i wish you peace and comfort as you face each day in this difficult time in your life.

Thank you everyone.

Dear Kellen,
I love your posts, they have taught me a great deal over the months that I have studied them. Over this time I have also grown to admire the kind, caring personality that shines through your words and thoughts.

I have not seen any posts since your last post in January. I have been so worried about you, I know you love your blog and I'm sure you would not miss it unless the reason was serious. I had been searching google for any news until I found this very post - I hope you have all the support you need and if you need a kind word, please just ask.

Wishing you well and happiness.

Hi Kellin,

I too am watching someone I love die of cancer and cry often. I try to touch him, talk to him, and kiss him as much as I can because I know it won't be long before I never can again.

Cancer does such. It's evil.

My best to you.

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