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Hi Kellen,

I was thinking on this subject quite a bit today.

I do believe that we are born as innocent as our genetics will allow and, for the most part, our childhood experiences serve to complete the personality.

I can see that toys can be useful for both children and adults to use as role play; but could it be that some adults act out their childhood roles within their everyday lives with new "bigger toys", people and even pets? Never quite being able to let go of the past to see the person we really are, or in some cases, taking great care of these items as though they are taking care of their child selves- giving the love they never had themselves?

I wondered if there is in fact a dual personality within many or all of us; the person we are, and, due to outside influence, the person we have been made to become, or believe we are? Would I be correct to believe that when a child acts out a role with these toys he/she would be viewing themselves from the position of the innocent self, and subconciously? As if detached from the scenario being played out? I see a direct similarity to how easily we can view others' problems as opposed to our own.

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