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October 25, 2010


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It seems to me that it's the boss who is in need of saving! She may have a sad home life or childhood?

Perhaps a little more communication is in order; Get to know your boss,discover her situation; kindness is a strength that we can use intelligently whilst our boundaries easily remain intact.

I have just read many of your articles, and am finally figuring out why I have been cut off from the rest of my family--by them. It's been 3 years since any of us has spoken. I'm in therapy (and also a therapist) because I don't want to go through any of this ever again in my life.Thank you for such helpful information which, in all my years of study and practice, I've never come across.

Hi Quilter,

I'm so pleased to hear this. I've struggled with this myself in my own therapy and found very little out there about it. Thank goodness I had a therapist who knew about it!

And thank you for saying you are a therapist. I'm pleased that you are healthy enough to know that therapists need therapy too! We do! Clients should be leery of therapists who don't do their own work, so good for you!

I wish you all the best on your journey.

Just wondering if there is a "Family Situation" equivalent for "The No Asshole Rule" by Robert Sutton , thanks

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