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emotions as weapons do not always include violence. In my experience, the most toxic behaviors are the covert forms of emotional abuse that I think most child advocates would find difficult to detect.

emotions as weapons, I would think, could also include the abuse of power, such as considerable use of manipulative argument for selfish ends to control somebody by organisations against any individual, or a member of the public. This is another form of bullying or scapegoating but it exists and can have extremely deleterious effects on the person who has been targeted in this way. It is not always families this happens in.

I am very surprised that professionals are only now beginning to investigate the possibility that abuse perpetrated by one person can affect several others too, even pets!

Why was this not realised many years ago? Are these professionals blinkered and blinded by their own professional education?

Nice Post, thank you for sharing.
My sister was a victim of domestic abuse from her husband for years (unfortunately the rest of us didn't find out about it til after they were already divorced). But it breaks my heart to see how it has affected my nephews. They have had to see a counselor for awhile now. I can only hope that eventually the dad will have a change of heart instead of being a bully and having his kids follow his example.

Thanks again.

It is rediculous to even suggest that. It is not fair to take the actions and ideas of group of people.

Great Post! It's very nice to read this info from someone that actually knows what they are talking about.

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