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Francis is very lucky to have you as a friend.

I hope she can help many children on her journey to a peaceful life, and, when they are older, serve as a lovely memory so that they too may pass on the love to their children.

In many years from now, children will be riding horses and loving animals with a special joy in their hearts. A joy handed down to them from their parents, a joy that begun in Kellen's little corner of the world.

Thank you for being you, And hugs to Francis from me (when she's ready)

Thank you Felix. I hope Francis thinks so. She's not big on hugs yet, but has learned to revel in having her chest scratched. I'll give her one for you. Funny, she and Abby are best pals. They took to each other immediately.

Thank you for this blog and specifically this entry.

If I mention stressors in my life, such as expenses and a tight budget postponing me from paying a bill right away, practically every sphere of society now suggests anti-anxiety medication as remedy.

Anxiety is the appropriate emotional response, and taking action (calling creditor to ask for deadline extension) is appropriate remedy.

How are meds going to pay my bills?

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