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Harmony brings wealth. **

Hi Kellen,

Your posts crossed my mind last night; In the darkness, unable to sleep, I wondered how you cope or feel when you deal with so much trauma and people in negative situations?

I thought about the categories shown on this blog, so many negative words with a critical connotation; deperession,disorder,abuse etc and I hoped that they didn't affect your life. I wanted to see the positive side to mental health - why do we seem so addicted to, or heavily invested in problems? Is it just because there are so many?

I wondered where, and how many positive posts there are. Yes, all posts are positive in their own way because they offer such excellent insight, but I thought it would also be nice if you could make the positive posts easier to see and acces; perhaps buy rearranging the catagories or concluding each post with a positive link such as this;

This may be a helpful addition for the people who need to feel positive for the future as well as, and after dealing with their current difficulties.

What are your thoughts Kellen?

amazing information

I need to flip the script on both my family, a friend called HP - AND my doctor who by authority "do the job..." forever... I think you're post was perfect. So flip the script! "I not alive, none leads the crew and my patient for my "doctor" Pia leads nowhere but Authority." plz help...

Some people but there are counsellors and psychiatrists that are good, flipping the script would be a good idea tho i'd like to know the person i'm talking too first, i am a very open person. But it does sound right for them to introduce themselves first.

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