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It's funny how it's alway easier to do the negative thing isn't it? With practice it becomes easier, so keep up the efforts :)

Do you understand why you are being negative?

I understand that for the most part it's your job to be critical, but do you think that If you simply "enjoyed" the other person with a focus on the positive then perhaps the positive would be infectious towards the other person.

Life is for enjoyment - understand - that for all the stresses and burdens the world has placed upon, and altered your parents or people you love, deep down in their soul, beyond their beliefs and frustrations attained over the years, they long to be that 360 degree personality they were as a child - a place where they were free! Free from that negativity that doesn't fit - understand that they want this feeling for you too; but most of all you should want this feeling for yourself. Please just enjoy.

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