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Perhaps not the correct place for this, but I just wanted to thank you for writing this blog. I found this site right after high school (~2009?) and used to read your blog a lot. In fact, it was one of the reasons I became so interested in psychology in college. One day, my computer became corrupted, and I lost the link and forgot about this site. I recently found it again, but was sad since i noticed that the last post was from 2014. Then, my RSS feed said you started posting again! I am now in medical school with hopes of becoming a psychiatrist and wanted to say that your blog was a big influence in my life. I remember that every post i read from you was interesting in some form, and with your help i realized that the whole field fascinates me. Thank you and best of wishes.

As a drug addict I remember crying in despair and my wife telling me to shut up or one time she spit in my face I didnt want to be a drug addict I was in so much pain and torment I could no longer cope my childhood turned me from a good little boy with a kind heart into a violent frustrated man and worst of all into a codependent a textbook worrying guilt ridden codependent the narcissist that turned me was my father who of 8 of us treated me the worst my sister who I love dearly was treated the best by him yet her like most of my siblings turned their backs on him hes 85 now and in a nursing home of all of us I forgave him thinking the reason was my mom would of been happy but now I know i forgave him because i was still looking for his approval and I was codependent and after i visited him the ungrateful mooch wasnt happy to see me just what i would bring him then 6mos ago i realized my life of pain was laying in bed at the nursing home now he calls and says when are you coming i tell him tomorrow but never show up honestly I could literally beat him to death for making a codependent What gives the right for someone like him to be a father parents can hurt!!!

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