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Would you say that the movie Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock is an accurate portrayal of D.I.D.?

Hi Chuck,

That is a very interesting question. The movie "Psycho" is based on the novel by Robert Bloch. I have not read the book, but believe Bloch attempted to create a character with DID with the clever use of names; "Norman", "Norma" and "Normal" and this may indeed have looked very much like DID. Personally, I don't think it's that clear in the movie, but what's your take on it?

Both the movie and the original novel are based on the real life killer, Ed Gein, who was possibly Schizophrenic. However, it's hard to tell because of the way the investigation and questioning were handled and the length of time which has passed. I found an interesting discussion of Gein and his possible diagnoses at:

Time and tide wait for no man.

I would recommend the movie "Downloading Nancy" for a good portrayal of a woman who self-harms, and is suicidal.

Thanks for sharing such valuable information.It will surely going to help me a lot to solve my queries.

Which mental illnes (disorder) could we see in the movie Chocolat?

Hi Tina,

Is there mental illness? Whose behavior are you referring to?

'The Notebook' (Alzheimer's) or Michael Clayton (bipolar disorder treatment needed!) I had to double check my references on that one (ref: so my apologies if I misdiagnosed... :-)

Hi Birgit,

Oh, the Notebook. Isn't that a beautiful movie? I will have to add that one. I haven't seen Michael Clayton. I will have to watch that one with bipolar disorder in mind.

Thank you for the suggestions!

This is an awful list. So many of these are not mental disorders. Also, the poor grammar is a bit annoying.

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