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Welcome to Healing from Narcissistic Abuse

Raised by narcissists, it has taken me more than 50 years to figure out the source of my messed up life.  I had assumed it was all me.  I had believed I was the crazy one.  I had no confidence in my own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, perceptions, observations, ideas or even my own five senses.   I'm learning about gaslighting, denial, projection, personality disorders, antisocial behaviors, borderline behaviors and most of all, narcissism.   

I have 50 years of pain and bewilderment to get out of my system.  So please forgive me if my first posts are rants about what I've discovered about my parents, the people I surround myself with and narcissists in general.  Once I'm through venting though, I hope this blog will also document what I do to heal.  

If you are on a similar journey, and find this blog helpful, then my efforts will not be in vain.  It is my most sincere wish that I can save someone else from wasting 50 years of their life.