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Success! I figured out the Chore Chart Dilemma

Some wise person suggested a chore chart for adult children of narcissists.  I thought that was brilliant!  Having been raised by wolves I was never taught self care or good habits.  So I latched onto this idea of a chore chart as a method of reparenting myself.

Since I was the scapegoat of the family I had a long list of faults I wanted to address with this chart so I got busy listing them.  But then came the dilemma.  A chore chart requires that you REWARD yourself when you complete your chores.  Uhhhhhh......  I had no idea how to do that!  I couldn't even think of anything I liked to do.

So, a week and a half later I finally figured it out.  I LOVE smells!  So I ordered some Yankee Candles and made the rule I would let myself burn some interesting new scent when I complete my chores. 

My candles arrived last night and I spent an hour taking them out, smelling each one and picking out the "best" one for today.  What a delight!  I got up this morning, jumped on my chores and burned my first candle. It worked!

Silly maybe, but maybe it will help someone else.  And I'm really happy!